Jaden Yuki is a young duelist who has dreams to becoming the best. He goes to the academy duel. This academy is like a college or high school, where teachers teach their students to fight and everything related to duel monsters. In this school, Jaden knows many classmates, highly skilled teachers and profesors who will teach him the monster duels (techniques and tactics).

Jaden isn't an exemplary student, he does not pass his exams, not paying attention in class and not studying for tests. Anyway, Jaden faces criminals for justice and uphold the law and order.

Without doubt I recommend this great anime where a skilled student will face all kinds of challenges in high school and academy, with classmates and teachers in duel.

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  1. Vlogity7 says:

    I used to watch yugioh all the time, till GX came along -.-'

  2. sky says:

    I did watch one ep of YuGiOh GS and I really didn't enjoy it.
    Classic Yu Gi Oh! is always classic!

  3. Anonymous says:

    When I was young I always watched Yu Gi Oh... I can still remember Pegasus and the Paradox-Brothers :) ..... but I've never watched the GX-Series... maybe I'll take a look at it

  4. Anonymous says:

    nostalgia ;)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Blue eyes ultimate dragon, my favorite,
    Nostagia ++

  6. Mr.D says:

    Old school is the best

  7. Snivli says:

    I prefer the old YuGiOh when i was young i had my own dualdisk and a incredible dek ! Loved to play the card game :D nice post

  8. Anonymous says:

    I used to watch this all the time. like it :))

  9. i love yugioh!

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