Ace Attorney Investigations is the fifth series of games where Miles Edgeworth is protagnista. He is a famous prosecutor. He is a federal criminal defense attorney. Throughout story, he should analyze all crime scenes, he gets all kinds of evidence, and he interviews suspects. Unlike previous games, no judgments made here, only investigates crimes and logical duels are performed to find the criminals. Our protagonist has the ability to use logic to establish the relationships between objects and the scene of the crime, will do reconstructing the crime.

Other characters also appear in this game such as Inspector Gumshoe and the famous prosecutor called Franziska Von Karma. She is like an attorney defense federal or Miami personal injury attorney. These characters will help our hero to find many different tests and find different criminal cases.
Finally, you will see a new character in this saga, she will be the assistant to our famous prosecutor, and her name is Yatagarasu. She is a famous young professional thief stealing charge of all jewelry and valuables. However, this young girl will become the principal assistant of our favorite prosecutor.

I really recommend this great game if you like intelligence, crime and excitement.

Hello friends, today I’ll speak of another Ace Attorney game. In this game the main character is Apollo Justice, a young lawyer defending innocent people. He is like a Miami personal injury attorney or an attorney defense federal. In this game Phoenix Wright also appears, but he is a retired attorney. However, Wright is the principal mentor of Justice and he helps him solve various cases.

Apollo is an awesome attorney. He has the ability to see through the people’s lie, this means he has a great advantage to know when someone is lying.

A very important character that appears in this game is Klavier Gavin, a famous prosecutor. He is like a personal injury attorney Colorado. He is the greatest opponent of Justice and confronts him with great passion in various lawsuits.

Yukiteru Amano is a young high school student living a normal life, until one day the god of time called gives him a diary that allows him to see the future. This object allows him to see everything that will happen in the future: social events, school events, test results, the behavior of classmates. However, Yuki must participate in a dangerous game of survival where they must kill the other participants who also have a diary like him.

The first battle happens in Yuki's school. Yuki sees in his diary that he will die in his classroom by one of his teachers. However, our hero receives help from a classmate named Yuno Gasai. She is a student of the school and Yuki's classmate, who is in love with him.

Thus begins a fierce battle, where many classmates will die, the school is destroyed, teachers are killed, and Yuki's school life changes drastically. In this way, starts the bloody story of Mirai Nikki. Enojy it

Hello friends today I will not talk about an anime series. Today I will talk about a great anime game called Ace Attorney. This incredible game is played on the DS and it’s a game about attorneys and detectives. The funny thing about this is to play the trial because you must find lies and show evidence.

The protagonist of this game is Phoenix Wright, is a criminal defense federal lawyer. He investigates the scene of the crime, asks questions to suspects, he looks for evidence and finally defends clients facing criminals (some of them are international criminals).

In this game where the law and justice are paramount, Phoenix wants all justice is done. He is undoubtedly the hero of this story. In the game, we will find many new characters, some are federal criminal defense attorney, others are prosecutors,  others are judges and other criminals. I really recommend this awesome game called Ace Attorney.