A deadly disease appeared in the world that transforms humans into zombies. In Japan, several students of Fujimi school and the school nurse will do a team to survive the apocalypse. The story follows Takashi Komuro, one of the students who survived the initial outbreak, along with some classmate trying to stay alive while they are searching for their families.

The story also revolves around a sniper who appears in several episodes outside the group called Minami Takashi Rika and her school friends, who try to survive the apocalypse. Part of the plot also focuses on teacher named Shido and his students.

This is a great series, with much violence, showing how the school, classes and classmates struggle to survive. No exist college or university similar to this. This is a high school of the dead.

Jaden Yuki is a young duelist who has dreams to becoming the best. He goes to the academy duel. This academy is like a college or high school, where teachers teach their students to fight and everything related to duel monsters. In this school, Jaden knows many classmates, highly skilled teachers and profesors who will teach him the monster duels (techniques and tactics).

Jaden isn't an exemplary student, he does not pass his exams, not paying attention in class and not studying for tests. Anyway, Jaden faces criminals for justice and uphold the law and order.

Without doubt I recommend this great anime where a skilled student will face all kinds of challenges in high school and academy, with classmates and teachers in duel.

Echizen Ryoma is a 12 year old boy, quite cocky and conceited. He lived with his family in the U.S., but then traveled with them to Japan (where his father was born) and now he has to adapt to his new life in the school. The new academy is known as Seishun Gakuen (Seigaku). This college has a tennis club and he joins the team. From this moment, Ryoma must face a lot of school's opponents, with his colleagues, classmate and many other characters of opposing teams will try to steal the title of "Prince of Tennis".


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The story is about Naruto, a young student who goes to a ninja academy to train and become the best. The academy is like any college or high school, however, here he learns to fight and other secrets. In this school, he will know many fellow students with different abilities.

Once Naruto graduated from the academy, he will participate in missions to earn money. He faces all kinds of dangerous enemies in battles to the death. He'll meet legendary people and will gradually perfecting his skills. The main objective of our hero is becoming the Hokage, the strongest of the village, responsible for protecting all, enforce the law, to defeat the villains and criminals, establish order, and above all, teach the village with his example.

What some do not know is that Naruto has within him the demon called Kyuubi, the legenadry beast with nine tails. This legendary animal destroyed the village on many times. For this reason Naruto is hated by many, even by her classmates at school.

The story gets very interesting when the villains are most important, forming a criminal organization called Akatsuki. This organization's goal is to capture the legendary beasts (including Kyubi) to dominate the world, to govern it in his own way by creating their law and order to rule the world.

As our hero confronts this evil organization, he must search around the world to his lost friend named Uchiha Sasuke. He comes from the famous famila known as the village police in charge of enforcing the law, to establish order in the village, to do justice to prevail, and catch criminals.

Ash Ketchum is a boy who loves Pokemons and battles. He wants to become a Pokemon Master and to do so begin a journey in search of this title. At 10 years old, Ash has the opportunity to receive his initial Pokemon from Professor Oak. Unfortunately, he fell asleep one night before his first day of travel and when he reached the professor's lab, all starter Pokemon had already been chosen by other coaches. Fortunately, he was able to receive his first Pokémon called Pikachu. Pikachu is stubborn one who does not like to enter the Poke-Balls. During his tour of the forest Ash and Pikachu are attacked by a pack of wild Spearow. Ash is heading to the Pokemon Center to heal to Pikachu but he could not escape. Ash put himself in danger to defend Pikachu. Through these demonstrations of respect and unconditional commitment to his Pokemon, Pikachu began to feel appreciation for Ash and his friendship was formed.

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One Piece is a pirate adventure. It is the story of a boy named Monkey D. Luffy, who at 7 years old accidentally ate a Devil Fruit, becoming a rubber man. Luffy, inspired by the pirate Shanks "Akagami", becomes a pirate ten years later to become the Pirate King. For this, he needs to find a suitable craft for his big adventure.

Gol D Roger held the title of Pirate King as the only one capable of the feat of traveling completely the "Grand Line", 22 years before the start of the journey of Luffy. Roger was executed by the World Government, but before he died, he mentions the existence of his great treasure, called One Piece, gives it to anyone who finds it first. His death gave rise to the great "Pirate Age". It's throwing countless pirates to the "Grand Line" in search of lost treasure and with it, the right to claim to be the Pirate King.

On his journey, Monkey D. Luffy will defeat many opponents. Also, he will meet other characters, of which some will join him as crew members and others will help for a while.

Devil Fruit: called "Gomu-Gomu no Mi". The greatest power of the fruit is that the person can stretch his body like rubber at will, and he is almost totally immune to physical attacks, such as strokes or even bullets. The user's ability to stretch like rubber not only makes him immune to injuries, also allows him to perform movements that can give him a big advantage in battle.

Makoto Itou, a high school student, begins to be interested in a girl at his school who is on the train on the way to school. Her name is Kotonoha Katsura. Due to changes in site of the students in his school, he ends up sitting next to her classmate Sekai Saionji, who decides to help him.

Thanks to Sekai, Makoto finally declares his feelings to Kotonoha and she accepts. Later while Makoto was waiting for Kotonoha and Sekai waiting for his train at the station, he is grateful to Sekai for helping him with their relationship and says he will repay, Sekai seizes the moment to steal a kiss and tells Makoto that's enough.

Since Makoto's indecision about his feelings towards Kotonoha and Sekai, begins the story of romance, in a typical high school, where anything can happen in class, in different parts of the school and in the exits with classmates and students.

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It's about a man named Kaiji Itou who owes $ 38,000 a mafia group. One day he receives a visit from one of its representatives which proposes him to join a game in which he can cancel all his debts into a single night. Kaiji must participate in all sorts of challenges using his intellect and courage. Kaiji meets many people like him that they should be involved in these dangerous games to pay off your debts and become millionaires. Finally we'll know the president of the company that organizes these games to have fun and entertain people of high class.

Many games are intellectual. In all bet with a high sum, Kaiji must wager their body parts or even their lives to get that reward.

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Himura Kenshin is an expert swordsman who was in the service of the Ishin Shishi as a murderer. During this time he was called Hitokiri Battousai and he was the most famous murderer. Finishing the fighting, Kenshin decides to move to anonymity and he becomes a wanderer who travels the country helping people. He uses an edgeless sword and it lets him use Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu style without risking that it will be mortal.

The story begins when Kenshin arrives in Tokyo, where he meets Kaoru Kamiya, the young master of kendo from dojo where practiced Kamiya Kashin style. After Kenshin saves her from a group of thieves, Kaoru invited him to stay and live with her. Over time they will be joined Yahiko Myojin, an orphan who was forced to steal in the streets by a yakuza group and is saved by Kenshin, Sanosuke Sagara, a fighter who deeply hate the Ishin Shishi, and a doctor called Megumi Takani.

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This is the story of Yugi Muto. His grandfather gave him an ancient Egyptian artifact called the Millennium Puzzle, one of the seven Millennium Items. This article was found in one of the archaeological expeditions of Yugi’s grandfather. The puzzle consisted of multiple quantities of parts. After several years, Yugi manages to complete the puzzle. By completing the puzzle, Yugi is possessed by another personality, the spirit of a pharaoh called Atem.

The story of this anime is about Yugi and his friends fighting with villains in duels and try to find the Egyptian Gods's cards. They look for these cards because they can recover the lost memories of Pharaoh Atem with these. To meet this goal, they must participate in tournaments and the shadow games.

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The main characters are Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis. Ciel Phantomhive is a 13 year old boy belonging to one of the noble families of Victorian England. His parents were killed and he inherited the toy company of his father. Sebastian Michaelis is the Ciel's butler. What nobody knows is that Sebastian is actually a demon.

They made a contract, in which Sebastian would be his servant. The main objective of Ciel is kill the person who killed his family. In return, Sebastian will take as payment the Ciel's soul after he is able to avenge. Ciel wears a patch over his right eye to hide the symbol of the contract. This butler hidden under his gloves the symbol of the contract, which takes in the left hand.

This anime is quite dramatic and mysterious. It has some action, but is also very funny. Sebastian does amazing things, although they appear simple. For example: making a cup of tea, prepare dinner, create a sculpture. This at first seems strange, but if you see this series will understand what I mean.

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The main character is Lelouch Lamperouge, a young man living in Japan. He is the son of the emperor of Britannia, but he hides his identity. After his mother was murdered, Lelouch swore revenge for the death of his mother because his father didn't protect her.
In 2010, the Empire of Britannia beat the Japanese forces and conquered the country with ease using their robotic weapons, the "Knightmare". Japan lost its freedom and rights, and became known as "Eleven." But there are groups that resist and fight against the Empire for the independence of Japan (Terrorists). Seven years later, in "Eleven", Lelouch knows a mysterious girl named CC, who gives him a special power, the "Geass." With this, Lelouch finally has the power he needs to defeat Britannia and fulfill his two wishes: to avenge his mother and building a world in which his beloved sister can live happily. For that, Lelouch created "The Order of the Black Knights” and he becomes a leader of the rebel troops, calling himself as “Zero”.

Geass: He won by the contract he made with CC. His Geass, "The Power of Absolute Obedience" allows him for a short period, controlling the minds of the persons when he sees them directly. It can only be used once per person. It is in the left eye and can activate at will.

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The anime is about Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenager who can see spirits. One night, Ichigo found a shinigami (death god) named Rukia. However, their meeting is interrupted by the appearance of a "hollow", an evil spirit. After Rukia was seriously injured trying to protect Ichigo, she tries to give him some of her powers to Ichigo so he can fight the hollow. Ichigo with his new powers easily overcomes the spirit. The next day, Rukia appears in Ichigo's class as an apparently normal human, and informs him that because the majority of her power was absorbed, she can’t return to her world until she recovers it. Meanwhile, Ichigo helps her in her shinigami work to defend the good souls and sending them to Soul Society.

A few months later, the heads of the Soul Society discover that Rukia had given her powers to a human, which is prohibited. Therefore, they arrested her and sentenced to death. Ichigo could not avoid catching Rukia, but with the help from several of his classmates who also possess spiritual abilities are sent to Soul Society with the help from Kisuke Urahara. In Soul Society, Ichigo and his friends fight against the shinigami elite to save Rukia.


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