The story is about Naruto, a young student who goes to a ninja academy to train and become the best. The academy is like any college or high school, however, here he learns to fight and other secrets. In this school, he will know many fellow students with different abilities.

Once Naruto graduated from the academy, he will participate in missions to earn money. He faces all kinds of dangerous enemies in battles to the death. He'll meet legendary people and will gradually perfecting his skills. The main objective of our hero is becoming the Hokage, the strongest of the village, responsible for protecting all, enforce the law, to defeat the villains and criminals, establish order, and above all, teach the village with his example.

What some do not know is that Naruto has within him the demon called Kyuubi, the legenadry beast with nine tails. This legendary animal destroyed the village on many times. For this reason Naruto is hated by many, even by her classmates at school.

The story gets very interesting when the villains are most important, forming a criminal organization called Akatsuki. This organization's goal is to capture the legendary beasts (including Kyubi) to dominate the world, to govern it in his own way by creating their law and order to rule the world.

As our hero confronts this evil organization, he must search around the world to his lost friend named Uchiha Sasuke. He comes from the famous famila known as the village police in charge of enforcing the law, to establish order in the village, to do justice to prevail, and catch criminals.

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    YEAH! one of my absolute favorites

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    Never seen naruto, I have to see it, everyione tell me thats awesome

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