One Piece is a pirate adventure. It is the story of a boy named Monkey D. Luffy, who at 7 years old accidentally ate a Devil Fruit, becoming a rubber man. Luffy, inspired by the pirate Shanks "Akagami", becomes a pirate ten years later to become the Pirate King. For this, he needs to find a suitable craft for his big adventure.

Gol D Roger held the title of Pirate King as the only one capable of the feat of traveling completely the "Grand Line", 22 years before the start of the journey of Luffy. Roger was executed by the World Government, but before he died, he mentions the existence of his great treasure, called One Piece, gives it to anyone who finds it first. His death gave rise to the great "Pirate Age". It's throwing countless pirates to the "Grand Line" in search of lost treasure and with it, the right to claim to be the Pirate King.

On his journey, Monkey D. Luffy will defeat many opponents. Also, he will meet other characters, of which some will join him as crew members and others will help for a while.

Devil Fruit: called "Gomu-Gomu no Mi". The greatest power of the fruit is that the person can stretch his body like rubber at will, and he is almost totally immune to physical attacks, such as strokes or even bullets. The user's ability to stretch like rubber not only makes him immune to injuries, also allows him to perform movements that can give him a big advantage in battle.

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