Ace Attorney is a game for Nintendo DS. It's a game about lawyers, crimes and trials. It is one of the most popular games that exists and is highly recommended. The protagonist of this game is Phoenix Wright; he is like a Miami personal injury attorney or an attorney defense federal. He is really skilled for investigating and solving crimes cases. Participates in trials with passion and skill, and fights for justice.

Some characters:

Mia Fey: she is Phoenix's mentor, and a very popular lawyer. She is also a medium, that is, she has the ability to communicate with spirits and uses her bodies as a means of channeling.

Maya Fey: she is Mia's younger sister, she is a high school student and she is training to be a medium like her sister and mother. Then Maya will be the personal assistant to lawyer Phoenix Wright.

Miles Edgeworth: he is a famous prosecutor. He has talent for solving crimes and find the culprits. It is the main rival of Phoenix and he is as a criminal defense federal lawyer.

Ema Sky: She's a high school student and she is the sister of a famous prosecutor. She wants to be a forensic investigator. Then will be the assistant's attorney Phoenix Wright.